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The world of alternative investment is extremely heterogeneous and complex. However the main categories are:

Arbitrage trading
The manager takes short positions on overvalued instruments and simultaneously takes long positions on undervalued ones. The resulting arbitrage position is often less risky than a straight long or short position. In practice, there is still a small positive correlation to long only investments. "Long/short equity", "fixed income arbitrage", "convertible bonds arbitrage", "equity market neutral" are typical of this sort of trading.

Directional trading
The manager takes long or short positions depending on the expected direction of the underlying instruments. Directional trading is generally more volatile than arbitrage trading, but offers a higher level of uncorrelation with long only investments. Typical directional trading styles are "global macro", "short sellers", "managed futures" and "event driven".

Rivoli initially focused on directional trading. Over the past years it has expanded its expertise into various types of arbitrage.

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