Our vision

Trading Philosophy

According to theory, financial markets are believed to be efficient  because all the available information is discounted in market prices.  Under this assumption, prices should move randomly. In practice, experience and statistical testing show many inefficiencies.

We have developed a variety of statistical tools to identify and track different types of inefficiencies, such as :
- autocorrelation behaviour, leading to trendy markets,
- mean reversion behaviour, offering arbitrage or contrarian opportunities,
- lagging information diffusion between related markets.

Once an opportunity is detected, we build trading strategies to exploit these inefficiencies, with filters designed to disconnect the strategy should the inefficiency disappear. These strategies are then traded systematically, without any discretion being left to the traders.

We believe that systematic trading offers certain benefits: it allows us to track many more markets than what would be possible for a discretionary trader, and it removes stress from the day to day trading, which is highly desirable, given the difficulty of making critical decisions under stress.

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