Our vision


It is essential for us to run an ongoing research program. The purpose of research is to find and implement new trading opportunities, either in new programs, or in existing ones.

We also believe that even if the psychology of the market participants has remained  unchanged in the past, leading to the same mistakes and inefficiencies, the behaviour of certain markets may evolve. It is therefore important to track market behaviours to be able to react should something change. A balance is then to be found between leaving the trading systems unchanged and gradually adapting them to new market environments.

The key skills necessary for a sound research are found in Rivoli :

- Knowledge : Research requires a strong background in statistics and mathematics. We run training programs so as to be permanently at the state-of-the-art level in these matters.

- Experience : Statistics are not everything. Strong experience of actual trading is essential for a good understanding of the financial world. This experience often improves intuition, and can also avoid costly mistakes.

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