1996  : Rivoli Fund Management was formed as a partnership between the three founding partners (Thaddée Tyl, Johann Schwimann and Vincent Gleyze) and Banque Transatlantique, which was at the time part of the CIC banking group. Rivoli's first fund (Rivoli International Fund) was launched.

2000 : The CIC group offered a LMBO to the founding partners, since Rivoli's activity did not fit with CIC's long term strategy. Since then, the founding partners have been the sole owners of Rivoli.

2001 : Three new programs (a fixed income program, a long term futures program and a low leverage fund) were launched.

2004 : Our equity program was launched.

2006 : Thaddée Tyl and Vincent Gleyze buy Johann Schwimann's stake in the firm, and the firm's ownership is extended to employees.

2011: Lipper Fund Awards 2011 for Rivoli Long Short Bond Fund, best fund over 5 years absolute return category.

2013 : Launching of our new long only allocation fund, Rivoli Optimal Allocation

2014 : HFM Awards 2014, Rivoli International Fund, "highly recommended" Managed futures (CTA) under $500M

2015 : Hedgefund awards 2015, Rivoli Equity Fund, best market neutral fund France.




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